Living Streets


Living Streets Charity WOW Project We are so excited to be one of 17 new schools in Bristol to join the Living Streets project this year, making 37 schools in total who are involved. This continues our work to improve the health and well-being of our children, whilst also protecting our environment and reducing congestion around the Academy at the beginning and end of the day. On Monday we welcomed Kelly into our assembly to tell us more about this project which aims to encourage children to walk, cycle, scoot, use a walking bus or ‘park and stride’ approach to get to school each day. This WOW project rewards primary school pupils who walk to school at least once a week with a monthly collectible badge on the theme of our neighbourhood. The badges are made out of recycled yoghurt pots and all designed by children involved in the project across the country last year. We would really love your support with this work which will be launched next week at the Academy. If you want to look up further details please go to the website  Living Streets. You will see that October is international Walk to school month, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can ‘get the project going with a bang’ and aim for at least 75% of our children to earn a badge in the first month of the project.