Times Tables

Times tables are so important, here are some games to help you practice!


Click on the picture to access the game. 

Learning Times Tables - Key Stage 1 and Wye Unit



Great for Learning new Times Tables!
See the question appear, shout the answer and check! 


Practice answering Times Tables from 2-12, either answer in order or randomly


Practice answering MIXED times tables (multiplication)

Level 1 - 50 MIXED questions in 2.5 minutes

Level 2 - 100 MIXED questions in 5 minutes 





Great for Learning new Times Tables!
Lots of games just on this one website! 


Practice answering Times Tables from 1-10, answering 20 questions in 1 minute


Practice answering from 2-15 or MIXED Times Tables.





Race your boat in either 2, 3, 4 & 5 times tables or 6, 7, 8 & 9 times tables.

Further Times Table Challenges - Severn Unit


Find the answers in the Times Table Grid

(you can compete against a timer)


Screen Grid Challenge, select the missing

values to make the times table correct


Rearrange the digits to correctly solve these times tables problems



Place the digits to correctly use the brackets to make the target number