It is important for you to share in all aspects of your child’s development. Your support will create a firm link between home and school. This will extend learning experiences beyond the confines of the classroom and help your child to appreciate and understand the complexity of our world.


Your child will need to practice certain skills, learn facts and figures, research information and carry out specific tasks. These activities will need your guidance and help. Do please support and encourage your child to share their learning with you and with your guidance this can ben extending and enriched at home in many different ways such as sharing daily reading, encouraging reading with expression, supporting them to researching a topic etc.. The tasks will be selected by the class teacher and will form an integral part of the curriculum planned for each term.



Reading books are sent home every day and need to be returned the following day.  This is because most children are given the opportunity to read in some way each day in school, depending on their age and stage of reading. A range of other homework tasks are set across the school, according to the age of the children. The arrangements for when these are given out and the expectations for when these tasks are completed are shared by teachers in each class, in their termly parent newsletters.








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