Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

We make every effort to be a fully inclusive school. We welcome all children into our school community and aim to support every child to reach his/her full potential, both academically and socially. Some facilities are available to enable access to school for children with a disability. We recognise that some children have special talents which need nurturing and that some may need additional support occasionally, or even continuously, in order to help them make progress. All teachers differentiate classroom work to meet the needs and abilities of individual children within their class. If a child requires additional support or programmes to aid his/her learning or physical needs, they will, after close consultation with parents, be placed on the school’s Special Educational Needs Register in accordance with the code of practice to which all schools currently adhere. This allows school to work in close partnership with a wide range of services, including health and social care, as well as outside educational professionals, to devise programmes and support to enable children to gain the support they need and make academic progress.


We firmly believe that the child, parents, school and any agencies should work closely together in order to provide the support needed so that every child reaches his/her full potential whilst at our Academy.



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Please click here to read our SEN Policy. This is currently being reviewed and updated.


Westbury on Trym CofE Academy Graduated Response

Updated July 2018

Please Click Here to  download our SEN Leaflet, which is also available in hard copy from the school office.



If you have any concerns regarding your child then please in the first instance raise this with you class teacher. Our SENCo is Mrs B Forrester and our SEND Governors is Mr Matt Baker